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Introducing Our New Line Factor Serum!

All of us over the age of 25 are aging. Or rather, our bodies are regenerating new skin more slowly. We can’t stop time but there are some things we can do to keep skin looking its best at any age. Doctors recommend limiting sun exposure, managing stress, eating well and treating skin gently. One way to treat skin gently is with regular medispa facials, which help speed up the body’s clock for producing new, stronger skin. At home care is just as important and a good serum can keep up the process of renewing skin in between facials.


LineFactor EFG Super Serum is a new product developed specifically to regenerate skin, going beyond simply diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. A study found that after 42 days, 50-60 women using the serum had skin equivalent to women 10 years younger. Study participants displayed firmer skin with improved texture and density (our skin thins with age).


It may sound to good to be true, but to understand the benefits of LineFactor EFG Super Serum it helps to begin by understanding how our skin ages.


Why do we get wrinkles?

Our skin is strong, flexible and elastic because it is built from a mesh of fibers. Like gluten in a loaf of bread, collagen and elastin build the structure of our skin. These proteins make skin supple. Image young skin like an untouched pan of Jell-O at a picnic. It is smooth and flexible. With time, people come along and take scoops out of that pan of Jell-O and it begins to thin and spread. Aging skin undergoes a similar process thinning and weakening over time as collagen degrades and production slows. As the structure of our skin deteriorates, visible signs of aging become apparent in the form of wrinkles and sagging skin.


What can we do about wrinkles?

Typically, over-the-counter products meant to combat aging are glorified moisturizers that plump up the skin making lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Vitamin C is also sometimes used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and combat sun damage, which contributes to the breakdown of collagen. However, study shows that LineFactor EFG Super Serum is 15 times more efficient than Vitamin C in improving skin’s firmness, texture and density. The serum is more than a surface treatment. It actually penetrates the skin and encourages the production of collagen. Linefactor, the ingredient for which the serum is named, protects fibroblasts cells, which make collagen.


What are the ingredients?

The serum is able to both restore and correct because of its special blend of ingredients. It is the first product of its kind made with plant extracts, including the following.


  • Malus Domestica cell culture comes from a rare Swiss apple known for its longevity and slows visible signs of aging, such as brown spots and broken capillaries.
  • Jasminoides Meristem cell culture comes from Gardenia flowers and inhibits an enzyme that breaks down collagen.
  • Centella Asiatica stem cells improve skin tone and elasticity and come from an herb native used in traditional African and Chinese medicine.


How should the serum be used?

The serum should be applied at night after washing the face and before moisturizing. Only a thin layer is needed, which means a one-ounce bottle can last up to six months, as opposed to over-the-counter products typically last two to three months. Incorporating a serum like LineFactor EFG should be considered a preventative step that preserves skin so fewer treatments are needed later. This is why I’ll be using LineFactor EFG Super Serum until we find the fountain of youth!


LineFactor EFG Super Serum is available online or at our clinic, Real Skin Health and Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury.





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